SQM - Software Quality Management is composed of Software Quality Assurance (SQA), Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP), Software Quality Control (SQC)

Izik Zelovich
E-Mail: Info@sqm4u.com

SQM›4U Goal - Providing Software Quality Management (SQM) Solutions

SQM›4U is a leading provider of Software Quality Management (SQM) customized solutions to develop and maintain high quality software products, that
  • meet the requirements specified for your products
  • comply with required regulations
  • meet use expectations and satisfaction
  • match the highest standards for your products on the market
SQM›4U has the professional expertise to build, customize and assimilate for you, the customer, a Software Quality Management (SQM) infrastructure integrated into the software development lifecycle from day-1.

Carrying out SQM›4U approach to Software Quality Management (SQM) based upon SQM Model definition, will
  • develop a company-wide “Quality culture” where quality is viewed as everyone's responsibility
  • enforce both fault avoidance and prevention approaches to minimize on time fault events
  • ensure ISO 9001 standard compliance

SQM›4U Quality Policy

SQM›4U policy is to help software companies to establish, customize and assimilate a Software Quality Management (SQM) infrastructure, ISO 9001 standard compliance, to develop and maintain high quality software products.

For implementing the policy SQM›4U offers the following services
  • Provides SQM-based solutions, ISO 9001 standard compliance, adjusted to the customer needs and assimilated to the development and maintenance teams.
  • Offers outsourcing services for authoring engineering documents such as requirements specification, design and testing documents.
  • Conducts Quality Audits to detect incompliance with ISO 9001 standard
    • to evaluate, plan and prepare companies for ISO 9001 assessment
    • as part of Due Diligence processes for analyzing M&A deals.
For more details see SQM Services supplied by SQM›4U

As part of any Contractual Agreement, SQM›4U wll initiate its SQM Services with a company-wide quality-audit to detect gaps of incompliance with ISO 9001 standard and to help the customer determine the required scope of quality-layers his company needs to adopt.
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